Why you can't relax in a yoga class

You’re busy, stressed and no one seems to notice how much energy it costs you to just go from day to day. Work is just fine, maybe not as fun as it used to be, but who cares – it’s just work, it’s not supposed to be fun. The kids demand a lot from you, the husband, let’s face it, COULD DO MORE at home. Seems like everything is on your shoulders and you can’t catch a break.

So you take time off your schedule to go to yoga class at least once a week, but try to do it twice. It’s supposed to relax you and the teacher looks like she’s freakin’ zen and it just pisses you off and frustrates you, because you somehow can’t get nowhere near that desired state!! How the f*ck is she doing that?!

You look at everyone else in the class, staying there with their eyes closed, all those women seem to be getting it, but you don’t. What the hell is wrong with you? Why can’t you JUST RELAX?

You go home with a little less tension in your body, but getting more and more frustrated because what seems normal to others is impossible for you.

I have some bad news and some good news – yoga on its own will not get you out of that state. It’s your mind that needs more work done than your body currently. Our bodies are only containers and indicators for our state of mind. They SHOW you that something isn’t right by giving you pain and discomfort. By not allowing you to relax.

Most of the time we’re stressed because there is an internal conflict in us. We feel, sense that something isn’t right. Maybe the job isn’t right for you anymore. Maybe you want to do something more meaningful, make a difference and there is no option for that where you are at.

Maybe you decide way too often to be nice instead of asking for what you want. Maybe you take on all the responsibilities at home, because you want to avoid another fight and it’s just so freakin’ frustrating!

Or maybe there is this barely visible thought at the back of your head that you don’t want to go to work anymore and would prefer to just move away to a distant location, get decent rest (like a year of rest) and get back your mojo.

The internal conflict is between those thoughts and your mind telling you: yeah, but you can’t do this. So just shush and keep going, you’ll manage.

That’s why you can’t relax in yoga class.

If you’d REALLY like to change that, if you want to FEEL what it means to RELAX and start enjoying life again, but are afraid to do it, or simply don’t know how to do it, I’m offering you a complimentary “Find Your Freedom” 1:1 session with me where we’ll bring your blocks to the surface and take a look at them. It’s powerful. Very powerful. Message me to schedule your session still this week!