Where did my passion go?

My life suddenly lost all meaning…

I used to be very happy to do my job in IT, lead my teams, start new projects and set up operations. I had a fantastic life filled with travel & fun and thought it was always going to be that way – I had everything I ever wanted in my professional life.

Then suddenly I lost my power. I started to lose memory. Began to do very stupid mistakes, making me look unprofessional. There was so much work that I didn’t know what to put my hands on anymore and my confidence dropped drastically.

I woke up on what was supposed to be a Monday morning only to find out I was awake for hours, it was 2 pm, I was not at work and I have absolutely no intention of going there. Nor do I care anymore.

That’s how my professional burnout and depression started, in consequence rendering me unable to work for the next 18 months.

It took me over 3 years to get back on my feet, find my purpose, discover the meaning of life and transform into a new, redesigned human being. A brave, confident woman.

Nowadays I look at the world completely differently, I know that anything is possible and each and every single one of us has the chance to become great. Each of us deserves freedom and can achieve it, but most of us don’t even know what freedom means to them.

You too want to be free. Did you ever stop to wonder: what is freedom to you?

Most of the time nothing else stops us than ourselves – our limiting beliefs, our lack of courage and confidence. They make us stuck, cause procrastination, perfectionism, unhappiness. They make us build walls and cages around ourselves and hold us hostage to what we created.

Today I want to tell you this: you too can be happy again, you can find your purpose, gain confidence and courage to start living a life on your terms. A happy, free life.

So, when will you be free?