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The 1 thing in your posture that takes your confidence away

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Woman with legs together

If you wonder how to look confident, there is one thing you can start doing immediately. There is one thing you may be doing with your body that takes away your confidence. If you do it, it’s probably subconscious. What is it?

As a girl, were you told to keep your legs together? Don’t sit like a man, don’t stand like a man – KEEP YOUR LEGS TOGETHER!

I always hated that, felt constricted when I was told to do it – and for a VERY GOOD REASON.

I have just looked at a photo of a group of people – men and women – accepting awards, and one thing poked me in the eyes painfully. Men stand with their legs apart, women stand with their legs together. Take a look at this photo:

Men and women accepting awards
Photo by navysports.com

The effect?

On the outside – what is the message that the viewer subconsciously receives? Men look powerful and confident. Ergo, they are powerful and confident. Women look like they take as little space as possible. Like an impostor. Ergo, women don’t really belong in this splendour.

 On the inside – keeping legs together takes the women’s confidence away, by making them less balanced.

How? It’s simple physics.

If you stand with your legs together, it’s as if you had one leg, instead of two! And a blow of the wind (or criticism, or emotions…) will easily TIP YOU OVER. You are fragile like a candle in the wind. You are like a pencil trying to stand on its own – it’s physically impossible.

Think about it this way. I sometimes surf. It’s a sport that requires a lot of balance. Have you ever seen a surfer who keeps their legs together? No, because it takes away your balance.

Conclusion: it’s risky business to stand with your legs together, whether you acknowledge it or not.

If you want to look powerful, feel powerful and feel like you have things under control – use your two legs for what they are meant to – to keep you in BALANCE. Both external and internal.

I’d love to help you get more inner balance then you ever imagined you could have, so that you can focus, be more productive and happier – simply unstoppable! Write me at alex@alextomaszewska.com to see what I can do for you.

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