Unchain Yourself

You have the potential to achieve SO MUCH MORE but something is holding you back?

It’s time to start using your inner power to the fullest!


You’re ready for success – you know it, you can feel it.

But reaching that next level can feel like riding a bicycle with square wheels.
Not fast enough and not fun enough!

  • You're doing a 100 things at once, not finishing what you started, lacking focus.
  • You have a ton of ideas, but no time to implement them and it seems like such a waste of potential!
  • You're stuck at your income level and that makes you feel like you're playing too small
  • Work is fun, but it doesn't give you the freedom you hoped for.
  • You're great at what you do, but sometimes you doubt your skills, start overthinking and that slows you down for weeks.
  • You keep wondering how someone so good at what they do as you can still not be a billionaire, then blame yourself for playing small, start doubting your skills and play the guilt/shame game. The next day your client gives you an awesome review and you repeat the cycle. Ah, the thrill of the emotional rollercoaster!

It’s time to change your means of locomotion, my dear. 

Get off that darn bicycle that’s going against the wind.

Put your feet on a comfy boat, set your sails and let the wind do the work FOR YOU!

That’s how the most successful people achieve their goals – they don’t struggle, they FLOW!

They know how their brains play tricks on them.

They have developed the mindset of a winner.

They understand how the world really works and find the path of least effort!

To effortlessly achieve success, you need to dump all the baggage you’ve been collecting for years!

Your limiting beliefs, low self-confidence, negative self-talk, doubts, little habits that cause you to procrastinate and slow down.

How else will your success match your ambition?

Testimonials from my clients


“In the beginning I didn’t imagine that my life could look the way it looks at the moment. I think that I can do and achieve whatever I want in my life 🙂

Alex promised me 3 months ago I’d be a completely different person by now and she has kept her word!”

Senior IT Specialist


darren review

Online Marketing Expert

Success without fulfillment is the ULTIMATE FAILURE.

Tony Robbins

I’m pretty sure you’ve been misusing your outstanding personal power to throw obstacles under your feet – turning jogging into a race with hurdles!

How do I know? Because most people do it.

And most people miss their goals because of that!

You can turn that around. Almost efortlessly and with joy. Like farting when no one is watching. Or releasing the Kraken. Fun and eventfull!

You need to BECOME THE BIGGEST ASSET to your business, not a liability!


If I walked into your virtual office today and asked:

‘Who’s the boss here!?’

would you shout:


proudly & happily, with no hesitation whatsoever?

Then who IS in charge?

In case you’re wondering what it means to be in charge of your business (and life):

  • You are crystal clear about your direction & priorities, so that there is NO OVERWHELM
  • You have integrity and confidence, so that you never feel like you're selling your soul and time for peanuts!
  • You don't deal with clients who are not fun - instead, you select your clients.
  • You have inner peace and never doubt yourself, and that is the secret honey that attracts your ideal clients.
  • Everything you to is in perfect alignment with your values, so that you radiate captivating, positive energy.
  • You speak confidently, so that people accept the new tasty pricetag on your services without blinking.
  • You embody high standards, and therefore attract high quality people, goods and ideas into your life.

You are a leader and your clients are followers. You make the rules and set up the standards, no more pleasing others. No more undermining your self-worth when it’s time to share your gifts with the public!

You don’t want to dominate the world – you want to make a difference in it.

And there are a gazillion ways to do that. But I can assure you none of them is sitting on your butt and overanalyzing.

You need a mutany! Your brain is your first officer. It manages the whole ship. Unfortunately, it has way too much power and is a fearful little beast, making you procrastinate, coming up with the wisest excuses and making you play small.

If you know how to break it, you will become the Captain.

And that’s exactly what I can do for you.

Smart & Successful 360 workbook

You’ll get a compass to guide you and become the person you need to be to achieve success inside & out – 360 degrees.

How I work

I use a variety of methods, from neuroplasticity through coaching, mentoring, visualizations, mindfullness, Ho’oponopono to time management approaches I learned in IT. My arsenal is full of surprises.

You won’t hear “JUST DO IT!” from me – I’m not a cheerleader. Instead, I will inspire you.

I will listen to your mouth and speak to your soul to find out what you really want.

I will use absolutely all my super powers to help you become successful with the least amount of effort.

Do you have what it takes?

I walk the talk, and you know that means not everyone can embark on my boat! So what say ya, do ya:

Have a burning desire to become the most incredible version of yourself ever imagined

Have the curiosity of a cocker spaniel puppy

Love to learn and follow instructions even if you think they be too simple?


Well then I’m bloody excited, because your socks are about to be blown off!
In just a 12 weeks, your old fearful self will be transformed into a fierce Captain of your boat.

P.S. If right now you are wondering whether you should do this and that little annoying voice in your head is whispering:

“You’re not good enough for this!” –

don’t worry, I know this guy. He’s had it coming for years. Tell him:

“Andrew, stop it!
You do nothing but bring me down. I’m not going to tolerate this any longer!
I’m doing this for myself!”

and then schedule your free exploratory call to let me confirm that you are a good fit for this program and answer any questions you have.


Look at what my customers say about me!


“I’ve decided to speak to Alex after, one more time, realizing how much I get in my own way. I know I can achieve so much more than I am actually accomplishing and this is so frustrating.

Time and time again I’ve worked with professionals from coaches to psychologists in order to end perfectionism and procrastination but I’ve never felt that their solutions were meant for me.
Best case scenario: I was just not able to apply the tools they were proposing to me.
Worst case scenario, I felt unheard and misunderstood.
That was not the case with Alex. She listens, goes deeper, and understand.

This gave me one of the most productive and profitable days ever.

I definitely recommend working with Alex if you feel like you’re a turbo with a stuck gear.”

Marketing Expert


“Alex is one of the most open-minded and people-oriented coaches I’ve ever known.

Individual approach and deep understanding of quite etheric topics were really helpful in finding purpose in my professional life.

She encouraged me to learn through action, not only thinking. I highly recommend!”

Public Speaking Mentor

Temperature check!

Some people hold on to their ‘comfort zone’ so tightly that it takes them literally forever to understand that change is possible. That stops them from following the simplest instructions and they end up wasting their, and more importantly – my time.

Not even rum could bribe me to work with them. 
If you are at that stage, get a little faith, unclench your buttocks and then come for my teachings.
That does not mean change is not possible for you. It absolutely is.

Clues that you are not ready: 

  • You think you have no control over what you do or think
  • You secretly want to use these sessions to prove to yourself that you are a hopeless case
  • You 'don't have time' and will stop attending the sessions (to make sure nothing changes)
  • You want to pay someone to 'fix you'.
Wait, who’s writing this?

Are you asking what makes me the Captain? It’s no secret.

Sailing since I was 12. And I have a Captain’s hat!

Not enough? Fine, here are some more details:

Me likes

  • dogs & horses – cuddling, training, riding
  • travels & boats (duh!)
  • learning things and fixing things
  • me job!
  • rum

Me dislikes

  • high heels
  • know-it-alls & naysayers
  • brussel sprouts
  • comic books
  • movies that pretend to be comic books (what’s up with that?!)

How do YOU become the Captain?

We do magic together! We meet 1:1 (online, where else!) where I personally guide you through a transforming process, inject energy into your life and business and teach you to think like a world-class entrepreneur. You will experience a profound shift, possibly more than once. The program gets you to:
  • Get TOTAL CLARITY on what you want your life to look like and in turn – how your business will support that
  • Find out who you are, increase your self-confidence and awareness, so that you stop wasting time on overthinking and guilt
  • Learn how to take control of your actions and thoughts, so that you feel in control, peaceful and happy
  • Increase your prices to a level which will provide you the lifestyle you want
  • Align your business with your soul to stop doing what you don’t want to do and pleasing clients
  • Identify who in your environment is stopping your growth and become resilient to it
  • Embrace your values, boundaries, dreams and uniqueness, so that people naturally respect your time and prices
Where do I sign?
That’s the spirit!
Let’s have a short chat to see if this program is the best fit for you and answer any questions you might have.Would you be a doll for the last time and schedule your free strategy session in my calendar below?

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