From funk to freedom

Get energized and motivated. Find out what it is you long for and start walking down the path to your dream lifestyle in as little as 8 weeks!

Create an extraordinary life for yourself, no matter what you do right now. Surprise yourself with your accomplishments and growth! Use my complete framework to start living a passionate, meaningful life, so that you can relax and be certain you are ALWAYS on the right path. 

Is this you?

  • You want to be more motivated & energetic again
  • You don't want to waste time - you want to be SURE that you're doing the right thing
  • When people describe you, you feel they don't see the real you, they don't understand who you truly are. Sometimes you wonder who you are as well.
  • Making decisions takes you too long
  • You want to do more, make a difference, but don't know how to do it
  • You feel like you don't belong, yet you seem stuck
  • Your business does not provide the lifestyle you hoped for
  • You feel you don't have enough time for yourself, travels, fun and your loved ones
  • You wish you had more courage and confidence in business
  • Even though you've watched inspirational videos and read a few books, things aren't changing!

I know exactly how you feel, because I used to feel all of the above! It didn’t end well for me, I got sick with depression and couldn’t work for 18 months.  It happened to me so that YOU don’t have to go through that, because I have used all my experience, knowledge, coaching and therapy to design a complete framework I called “UNCHAINED” that deals with the issues you are facing. Enter a path of purpose, confidence, freedom and happiness!

During 8 extremely powerful weeks of 1:1 ONLINE COACHING,
I will personally guide you so that you:

  • Get clarity on what you want and design your dream life
  • Learn the mind tools and techniques used by THE MOST SUCCESSFULL PEOPLE in the world to stay highly motivated
  • Learn how to recognize and deal with your insecurities
  • Understand the possibililties that you personally have and build up the courage to use them
  • Become confident in your path and actions, so that you save a ton of time and energy on overthinking
  • Start making faster and better decisions
  • Find out who you truly are learn to listen to your inner voice – your soul
  • Create new habits that will make a substantial difference in the quality of your life
  • Learn how to use your personal power to improve your relationships and be the captain of your life
  • Understand where you are wasting time and energy and how to change it.

Why would you sign up for coaching with me?

A few reasons to hire a coach

  • If you’re stuck, it’s very difficult to move on without someone showing you a different perspective. Your friends can’t help here.
  • A coach guides you, holds you accountable and makes you feel safe. You are not alone.
  • Without coaching, there is a big chance you will waste a lot of time (months or years or decades!).
  • A woman of XXIst century is independent and she wants the best for herself – otherwise you wouldn’t be here considering this opportunity. Getting a coach positions you as a successful, powerful, modern woman. It’s PRESTIGIOUS.
  • Coaching gives you a great competitive advantage.
  • Each of us has a crooked view on themselves, which stops them from objectively assessing their abilities. A coach is objective and will open doors for you, doors you didn’t even know were there.

What makes me the one you should choose?

  • I only use methods and techniques that I have proven to work myself – you are not a guinnea pig. I know the ups and downs, because I have BEEN through them all. Lack of energy, depression, money issues, toxic relationships, low self-esteem, lack of confidence, fear of public speaking, emotional rollercoaster – you name it.
  • I am not a coach because I have issues and I’m struggling myself, so I decided to help others in a similar situation. I’m a coach, because I love solving problems, learning and seeing people quickly transform. I have found SOLUTIONS that WORK and I’m very excited about them.
  • I care deeply and learn constantly. Read my reviews!
  • I’m very passionate about what I do – some coaches only do it for the money. Are these the people you would want to work with on changing your life?
  • I’m fun, open-minded, energetic, focused and loving 🙂

Is this program for you?

I provide a free strategy session to all my clients prior to working together. The aim is to see if you are the right fit for the program and answer any questions you might have. During that session we will discuss what it is specifically that you would like to work on most and it will give me a chance to adjust the curriculum to YOUR very specific needs. This program is a truly life-altering experience and the beauty of it is that as we work together, we ALWAYS focus on what YOU need most. You are the true star of this program!


Who I don't work with

In order to provide the best results, I reserve the right to select my students. This program is NOT for everyone. It has been carefully designed with a lot of love for those who need it, want it and will make fantastic use of it. Each session is an experience that should never be wasted.

I do not work people who have a “victim mentality”, specifically:

  • they think that the world is somehow conspiring against them
  • they think they have no control over what they do or think
  • they don’t believe they can change
  • they are not willing to put in the work required
  • they just want to use these sessions to prove to themselves they are a hopeless case
  • they don’t have the time to work on themselves or attend the sessions
  • they want to pay someone to “get them fixed”.
If that is you, you need to change that approach before working with me, and then my door is open.

You are ideal for this program if...

You are my ideal student and will get extraordinary results if:

  • You have a true desire to change your reality
  • You understant that lasting change takes time, but is worth it
  • You are willing to put a little bit of effort outside of the sessions
  • You have curiosity
  • You love to learn and believe you can change.

If this is you, then I’m already excited, because we will achieve incredible things together and you will be transformed in no time.

If you doubt you are good enough for this, but you have the above qulities – you are good enough and I will gladly prove it to you:)

Is it really only 8 weeks?

This course is intensive and the results depend on YOU. Your engagement, your starting point, your learning curve. My best suited students are able to learn it all in 2 months, but as each of us is a completely unique human being with their own experiences, expectations and circumstances, it is normal to progress more slowly. Just like not everyone becomes a Navy Seal after their 8 week training.

I care about what is best for YOU and YOUR results and any of my clients will tell you I put an extra amount of time and effort to make sure you get the most out of this experience – I will explain it all during the free strategy session before we start working together.

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