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How I removed an unexpected block stopping me from writing my sales copy

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How I removed an unexpected block stopping me from writing my sales copy

When you have inner blocks (and they can have an origin unrelated to your business!), they slow you down dramatically. Today I’m sharing how I removed an unexpected block that kept me from writing my sales copy!

What I did today greatly summarizes what I do with my clients. And how we get there:)

So even though this is personal, I decided to share. This is a testimonial for me from a happy client – also me 😉

Enjoy the read! 

This morning as I was still lying in bed, I was wondering about the sales copy on my page for my 1:1 program. I was stuck.

A little back story – I recently decided to switch from a 2-month to 3-month program, because my ideal clients stay with me longer anyway.

I also realized I wanted to add some more business and sales-related parts to the program – quite a big change for me.

So there I am lying in bed thinking about the content and the copy, and I was feeling stuck!

As usual, I picked a tool from my arsenal to deal with it – this time I used the Ho’oponopono practice to release blocks which were clearly stopping me from speaking my words in the copy.

I felt something while saying “Please forgive me” – and I knew this was a block I had in me which may have been stopping me from writing my copy.

So I started wondering who the hell I need to forgive something!

And the only thing that came to me was an event from when I was a teenager – I had a boyfriend in a sailing camp. We were the perfect couple, he was my first kiss and we were just awesome together.

That was the last time I allowed myself to truly feel love and trust it not 99%, but 100%.

The person I had to forgive was my distant cousin, who stole him away from me, lured him with her sexuality and ended our relationship very abruptly.

He suddenly stopped speaking to me completely. Never said a word. The two of them weren’t together, they didn’t fall in love – she did it only out of her own ego.

I was heartbroken, and she was following me saying “What’s in the family won’t be lost!”

I could never forgive her for this cruelty. Since then I became jealous of my boyfriends and I never felt good enough to get the guy I TRULY desired.

I never trusted they would stay with me, I always felt someone sexier would come along and they would just leave me.

And today I had to forgive that b*tch, because it came out as a block in my business.  20 years later.

Fuck. I had never been able to forgive her, this was a defining event in my life, and it had certainly defined my love life.

I tried to forgive her, but I couldn’t, because why should I forgive blatant cruelty? I had never felt a block this strong.

But I knew I had to do it, so I spent additional 10 minutes on it and finally I understood.

She has been controlling me all my life. She is the reason I have cheated, she is the reason I lost the love of my life, she is the reason I shut myself up to love.

She didn’t steal a boyfriend from me, she stole 20 years of my life.

I gave them to her. Out of my free will!

I let her control 20 years of my life and I let her take love away from me.

What a gift to give someone!

That’s enough!

You won. I give in. Take your gift and move along.

Now I am in charge and you, my dear, are out!

I forgive you.

But more importantly, I forgive myself for letting someone else control my life for more than 20 long years.

We are okay. We are zero. I am free.

Am I writing my copy? Hell no, I’m writing this 

Will it help me in my business? Tremendously.

My throat hurts and I’m pretty sure I will have angina, because everything is being released in there. I’m releasing 20 years of control through my whole body.

(Just to say: I have had the most amazing, incredible life, full of fun, travel, friends, successes. But I realized it could have been so much fuller if only I allowed it.)

And it is from today on. 12.06.2020 – the day I freed my love.

Now that IS A GIFT!! 

How does clearing blocks like this one help in running a business? It makes you feel worthy. Powerful. Successful. It makes you realize you are in control. And it makes you realize your circumstances are all a product of your thoughts and actions, and even if they have been present in your life for 20 years, they may be gone in 20 minutes.

Would you like to look deeper into your own block and find out how they are stopping you from being absolutely irresistible? Then book a free exploratory call with me!

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