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How can you benefit from COVID-19 when you’re an overachiever?

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Cover - how overachievers can benefit from COVID-19

How can overachievers benefit from COVID-19?

If you’re an overachiever like me, you’re probably going crazy without something PRODUCTIVE to do during this global pandemic. Time is passing and you are in the same place you were a few weeks back, that’s simply unacceptable!! You need to move, move, move, do, do, do – because that is FUN. Sitting on your butt or doing chores is not fun, it’s boring!

You’ve probably completed all the puzzles you had and now are already thinking of starting your own portal.

I did that, I had my own search engine for dog friendly places. What’s your portal or app?

Let me stop you for a second and tell you a story, because maybe focusing on the new portal is not the best thing for you right now. Maybe there is some pre-work to be done?
Your brain is bored and you almost feel it dying.

I know exactly how you feel, be
The lockdown is a huge gift. I got a similar one a few years back – here’s how you can use it.

It was a Monday afternoon when I realized I was not at work. Worse, I was still in bed and I wasn’t going anywhere. The next day I was diagnosed with depression. It kept me at home for 18 months.

Despite the fact that on Friday I was more or less fine, suddenly on Monday I got hit on the head with this sickness and it took my life over completely.

What do I mean when I was fine? Overworked. On a crazy schedule. With back to back meetings and no time to pee or drink coffee, not to mention THINKING.

I never thought I could stop. I never slowed down, I never realized I was blindly following a career path. I thought I had it all together, I was successful!

When you STOP, you have a chance to THINK


But I was wrong and so I got a gift in the form of depression. That MADE ME STOP. Thanks to that, I transformed my life, quit my career, became a new, better, stronger person.

It was the best gift I ever got. The gift of STOPPING.

The lockdown is your gift, without the drama of sickness.
You have stopped so that you can think. Design the new you. Learn. Grow internally. Calm down. Change.

Once you design your future, define who you want to be remembered as, what values you want to cherish, what relationships you want to cutt off, then you can get back to work on that portal. As a new person – the person you need to be in order to succeed. Stop jumping from idea to idea -> focus!

Never in history has there been a better time to do this!!

♥ ♥ ♥
If you’ve stopped, but there is chaos and a lot of unanswered questions, I’d love to help you get total clarity! So that you can focus, be more productive and happier – at least 10x faster than you would do it on your own! And get to TRUE SUCCESS that only a handful of people achieve. Write me at alex@alextomaszewska.com to see what I can do for you.

Photo by Lina Trochez on Unsplash

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