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The one thing you can do in any situation to feel more confident

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The 1 thing you can do in any situation do feel more confident

There is a secret trick you can do to feel more confident in any situation. I decided to write about it during my travel through China, exactly during the coronavirus outbreak in January.

Almost a month ago, I was in traveling around Tibet. Even though I had acclimatized at altitudes below 4.000 meters for a few days, seeing Mount Everest from the Base Camp quite literally left me breathless – I had to get a supply of oxygen.

Alex breathing with oxygen tank

That got me to think – as I reflect on everything that happens in my life and learn from it – and today I want to share a thought that came to me that day that will help you grow your confidence and make you feel happier.

Breathing is so basic and so simple. We breathe anywhere we go, breath is with us everywhere. So we take it for granted and use it to survive, completely mindlessly.

Breathing is PLAIN, unoriginal, obvious. Nothing special, no value in it. Just boring.

Have you started noticing your breath as you read this? You will stop noticing it again in a minute and go back to The Important Stuff.
Because of all these factors, we forget that breathing has incredible power, greatly underused by us.

For instance, do you know how many breaths you take per year? Over 8 million. 8.000.000 mindless actions of breathing.

What if…

And what if breathing was magic? What if with each of those 8.000.000 breaths you could inhale confidence, joy, love? After all, they are invisible, so they may as well be all around you, right?
Imagine they are, and you can have more and more of them with every breath. Try it out now:

Breathe in – confidence.

Breathe in – love.

Breathe in – happiness.

Can you feel them?
If so – great, imagine what this magic will do to you in a month!
But if you can’t feel them in the air, there is a chance you can’t feel them at all in your current mindset. It’s not because you’re broken, it’s not because there’s something wrong with you. But because you are denying yourself this greatness that is available to all of us! All of us – that INCLUDES you. After all, you weren’t excluded from breathing, were you? So try again, try as long as you need to feel the magic that surrounds you and resides quietly in your lungs and flows in your veins.

The one thing you can do in ANY SITUATION to feel more confident

Remember that the one thing you can do in any situation to feel more confident is simply to breathe in more confidence that’s surrounding you.

P.S. If you’d like to achieve inner peace, calm down the chaos in your head and feel unstoppable, so that you can reach that incredible potential you have, write me at alex@alextomaszewska.com – I can help you find your own path towards pure awesomeness!

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