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3 Things to Add to Your Vision TODAY!

The 3 Elements You Need to ADD to your VISION today!   Your business is a part of your life, and it is the creative force. It is the vehicle that has one purpose – to bring you to your ideal life.

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What is procrastination

What is procrastination?

You know what procrastination is, you just don’t know you know! Procrastination is one of those words which you hear once, twice, maybe even three times, and you understand its meaning immediately, but then you completely forget what it was.

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3 phrases that keep you stuck

3 Phrases you use that keep you stuck

Why are you stuck and how to get unstuck? Maybe you are using these phrases that have the incredible power of keeping you in place! That feeling of being stuck can be extremely frustrating. For me, one of the worst

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I couldn't slow down

I couldn’t slow down

I used to love life. I was optimistic, happy, a little crazy and always up to something. I was always making my dreams come true, I pet a tiger, rode an elephant, skydived, surfed in California and became a certified

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I lost my passion cover photo

I lost my passion

My life suddenly lost all meaning I was very happy to do my job in IT, lead my teams, start new projects and set up operations. I had a fantastic life filled with travel & fun and thought it was

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