Alex's way of life

After quitting a 12-years, successful career in IT, Alex started her own coaching business. She devotes herself to empowering women on their path to a happier and fuller life.

Her ambition is to make the world a kinder place by helping people become more confident and less defensive.

Alex holds a unique ability to translate information between two worlds – the scientific and the impalpable & soulful. Using those different perspectives allows her to convey her message in a digestible and powerful way.

Men and women from all over the globe attend her online masterclasses and change their circumstances based on the simple tips she gives.

Alex sees our world as a beautiful mathematical creation with a dash of magic. She believes we create our future by imagining it and that drop of magic helps achieve anything we truly dream of, even if it seems distant and unachieveable.

Only achieveable dreams pop in our heads

Alex Tomaszewska teaches women in their 30’s and 40’s who have a tendency to overanalyze and suffer from imposeter syndrome to control their mind, so that it doesn’t wander, but is focused on what is necessary to create the best reality possible.

One day she took a decision to always be positive and be a changemaker. And she started seeing the results of that on that same day. She never plans on stopping.

Alex considers everything that happens in our lives to be either a gift, a clue or a lesson and she leads her own life according to those simple rules.

What made her stronger, wiser and calmer was her 18-months-long sickness – depression. It enabled her to awaken and start living a life on purpose, with confidence, love and trust in her heart. Now, she is most happy teaching others to achieve the same.

Alex considers life a wonderful journey, and she is also a passionate traveller. One that takes the road less traveled. She has been sailing since she was 13, is a scuba diver and plans to sail the world. She enjoys creating new experiences, cooking, horse riding and dog training, as well as logical riddles and, above all, is a lifetime learner.

Courage is a muscle