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I’m so glad to see you, you look great! Did you lose weight?

I always say if something has the potential to be taken as a compliment, by all means take it as a compliment! So relax and enjoy your recent weightloss while reading. 😀

I'm a geek. Which means I love science and computers, and I'm a very poor dresser.

I’m a geek. Which means I love science and computers, and I’m a very poor dresser.

My mind is binary – everything is either a 1 or a 0, there is no grey zone. That means I don’t get neuances in fashion – pink is pink, salmon is a fish, plum is a fuit, aubergine is a veggie. Remember the trend towards checkered clothes in the 90’s? You say checker, I wear checker ALL OVER – I used to have different checker on my pants, my shirt and my coat. Needless to say, it was impossible to focus while looking at me.:D

Love for life has always been deeply rooted in my heart, and so I use whatever the world has to offer to the fullest (mindfully).

Recently I discovered, at it was a shock for my analytical mind, that I have a spiritual side. Life has more meaning than I ever thought it could have. Everything in the universe makes perfect sense and is just the way it’s supposed to be. It took me a while to learn to be okay with the fact that if something doesn’t have a scientifical explanation, it can still be true. Even now as I read that sentence it pokes me in the eyes!

I believe kindness is the thing that has the power of changing the world. Especially kindness to yourself!

In my spare time, I cook, travel, work with dogs and horses, watch movies, read, learn and think.


You can only reach your potential
when you're free!

What do I do?

I help women just like me – who have big dreams, but are playing to small to achieve them, become successful inside & out, by training their mind for greatness and removing heavy emotional attachments.

Why do I do what I do?

I always used to have low self-esteem, but that never stopped me from being successful. I had a career in IT, eventually managing a virtual team of 70 people. I was also a vice-president of a canine search and rescue organization, had my own search engine for dog-friendly places and everything was going great – travelling, sailing, diving, partying – woo hoo!

Until one day I just didn’t get out of bed – depression hit me quite suddenly, proceeded by a few memory blackouts. It stopped me from working for 18 months straight and was the trigger for me to transform my life.

3 years later I discovered neuroplasticity and mindset training and I got sucked into SERIOUS personal development (not the kitty stuff people think personal development is). After 2 months I was a totally different person. What I managed to do with my own brain was mind-blowing and I knew this was what I wanted to do for other people, forever.

Arrogance kicked me in the butt

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Not so fast…

So I became a coach, fully online, and that was the first time in my life my low self-confidence stopped me from succeeding. I was struggling to get clients! It turned out my inner transformation was not over – arrogance kicked me in the butt. Ouch!

I was learning about marketing every day for hours, posting on social media, yet was getting nowhere near my goals. I blamed my skills and constantly thought I didn’t know enough to succeed.

And then I hired my second coach who worked with me on my inner crap, instead of pushing me mindlessly to do things I didn’t feel good about (like my first coach). That was an eye opener. She made me realize that there were things holding me back and unless I dealt with those things, I wouldn’t succeed at all! 

I found the cure

During the next few months I did a tremendous amount of work, got rid of my emotional attachment, mental blocks, mindset issues, limiting beliefs, toxic relationships, money fears. And one day I woke up reborn, free, powerful, with the confidence of a leader. I was magically healed!

Everything I had to do had been clear to me before, but now it was finally doable. Putting knowledge into practice started being simple! I immediately started working at least 10x faster, became decisive, strong, focused, consistent, creative. I started reaching out to people who used to intimidate me. I wrote guides, ebooks, created funnels, built my website, set up more social media channels and began creating tons of content. I finally started to attract my ideal clients and they were mind-blown with their results!! In other words – I was on fire and efficient, and it wasn’t possible for me before.

My motivation

We all need, at some point, that coach who will see through our excuses which do not serve us, make us realize our power and lead us towards our destiny. That’s why I do the same I did for myself, for other women working from home – I give their power back to them.


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