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I’m so glad to see you, you look great! Did you lose weight?

I always say if something has the potential to be taken as a compliment, by all means take it as a compliment! So relax and enjoy your recent weightloss while reading. 😀

I'm a geek. Which means I love science and computers, and I'm a very poor dresser.

I’m a geek. Which means I love science and computers, and I’m a very poor dresser.

My mind is binary – everything is either a 1 or a 0, there is no grey zone. That means I don’t get neuances in fashion – pink is pink, salmon is a fish, plum is a fruit, aubergine is a veggie. Remember the trend towards checkered clothes in the 90’s? You say checker, I wear checker ALL OVER – I used to have different checker on my pants, my shirt and my coat. Needless to say, it was impossible to focus while looking at me.:D

My life seems to have two main themes: Freedom and Learning.

Freedom has always been my biggest priority, especially the freedom of choice. Even if there is no choice, I will find one! Not necessarily to follow it, but simply to have it.

This shows up in my “moving pattern” – I move every 2 years, on average. In 2020 I moved to London only to move to Edinburgh 6 months later. I plan on getting a sailboat and living there for a few years, to be able to move without ACTUALLY moving. And sail the world, of course:)

The second theme is Learning. I’m an engineer, we all love to learn, but a few years ago I began my personal growth journey and since then I take a lesson out of every single day of my life.

It’s an absolutely mind-blowing, magical world we live in and I appreciate every little bit of it.

When I’m 70, I want to become an eccentric older lady who lives in a mansion an travels the world saving animals. That last bit will probably come sooner though.

In my spare time, I cook, travel, play with dogs and horses, watch movies, read, learn and think.

You can only reach your potential
when you're free!

What do I do?

Have you ever felt like you don’t belong anymore?

You don’t belong in the office, because you have evolved, and you feel it’s time to follow your heart.

So you start taking steps to become financially independent doing what you love, but you haven’t achieved it. And you are hanging between the old and the new, a little stuck, a little scared, but still hopeful and motivated to make it work.

That’s when I come in – I help you remove the inner obstacles that stopped you from taking inspired steps!

So that you put ideas into motion, send a clear message to the world and give it a chance to respond to you with everything you need to succeed, effortlessly and joyfully.

Why do I do what I do?

Even as a kid I used to have low self-confidence. But that never stopped me from being successful!

I’ve had a fantastic career in IT, was a vice-president of a canine search and rescue organization, had my own search engine for dog-friendly places and a truly amazing life – travelling, sailing, diving, partying – that I always loved dearly.

Until one day I just didn’t get out of bed – depression hit me very suddenly. It stopped me from working for 18 months straight and was the trigger for me to transform my life.

After getting back on my feet, I quit my job without any plan, a few years passed and I found my purpose in coaching.

For the first time in my life, I failed

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Still after a year since starting, I wasn’t able to sustain myself financially. I failed.

That was the first time in my life my low self-confidence stopped me from succeeding! I was working from home and every limiting belief and negative experience I ever had was now bringing me down, very quickly.

Those were one of the worst days of my life.

I had to do something about it.

I devoted the next months to learning new techniques, tweaking my mindset, releasing blocks, eliminating limiting beliefs, working through fears.

And one day I woke up reborn, free, powerful, with the confidence of a leader. I had burst the bubble I was stuck in and I leaped to the next level! Puff!

I immediately started working at least 10x faster, became decisive, strong, focused, consistent, creative and effective!

Today I take my clients on a similar journey – from Invisible to Irresistible. Why? Because I have done it for myself and it has been the most exciting journey of my life!

Who are my clients?

My clients are soulful women with small businesses – healers, coaches, therapists, guides who have decided to turn their practice into a source of financial freedom, joy and satisfaction.

I help them build a magnetic online presence by removing their inner blocks and finding their marketing voice and strategy.

It takes courage to be yourself

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