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7 Things To Consider Before Postponing Starting A Business

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If you are postponing or delaying starting your business until the pandemic ends, there are several questions you need to consider at this time.  Yes, it is a time of uncertainty, but delaying the inevitable is not doing you any good! Read on for the 7 things to consider during this time…

1.      You will never know the future. It’s a waste of time to worry about what will happen in the future because we cannot predict what is to come. Not during the pandemic, not before it. The future simply is unpredictable. It is much better to CREATE your future – and you create by taking action. The question about the future will always remain unanswered. 

2.      Having a job is not more secure, even if it seems that way. There is a false sense of security with having a “job”, but it is very elusive. The pandemic has shown us best that there is no such thing as a job security (unless maybe in very specific cases). Having your own business gives you more CONTROL over the kind of work you do and how many people you depend on – you have options. When you are an employee, your only option is being in or being out. 

3.      Consider why you want to start your business. Some people want to start their business because they have a gift and want to help others; others want to start a business because of intrinsic purposes such as freedom, escape from the 9-5 and unlimited travel. Many people want both. These dreams are not going away. So the question to ask yourself is: if you don’t start your business, how else will you get these rewards?

4.      Things are not going back to the way the way they were. It’s healthy to let the thought go that things will return to normal and accept that the current situation is the “new normal”. Ask yourself, “How will I thrive in this new normal?”. Get creative, play with it. Think big, consider how the world has reacted to COVID-19. And start making plans and decisions to propel yourself forward, instead of staying still like a lizard.

You are currently wasting time and energy with indecision. Currently, a HUGE chunk of your time and mental resources are being used on overthinking/overanalyzing your decision about starting a business. Because it is a big decision! But entrepreneurship belongs to the bold, not to the ones who ask for permission. So do yourself a favor and make a decision – you are either in or out and see how that feels. Make your decision and free up your mental space so that you can leverage your resources and learn new skills, or if you decide not to do it – feel absolutely free to use your time to enjoy life! 


6.      People are discovering they want to work online more and more each day – you don’t want to be the last to decide that! Over the last few years, and rapidly since the pandemic began, people have realized that they really enjoy working from home and are shifting their businesses online. You don’t want to be the last person to decide this when everyone else has gotten a head-start! 

7.      Business is scary and risky; but remaining complacent is also scary and risky! There is a plus side and a minus side to both decisions. Ask yourself: am I more afraid of staying where I am, who I am, how much I make, for the next 5-10-20 years, or of taking my future in my own hands (even if that means hard work for a certain amount of time). What is the bigger risk for you? 

Still need clarity and want a time to chat? Let’s talk! Schedule a call with me today! 

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