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3 Things to Add to Your Vision TODAY!

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The 3 Elements You Need to ADD to your VISION today!


Your business is a part of your life, and it is the creative force. It is the vehicle that has one purpose – to bring you to your ideal life. And so it is critical to know what that ideal life looks like for you – otherwise you may end up lost in the land of hustle and frustration!

When you start wondering where your motivation went, or if all you do even makes sense, it’s time to turn to your vision for answers and guidance. Chances are, if you had a vision, but moved away from it, that it is missing three crucial features. Fatures without which this brilliant tool of every successful entrepreneur turns into useless nonsense.

Let’s fix it now!

When you think of your dream life, what comes to mind? Perhaps it’s money, or a big house or a fancy car. It could be lavish vacations or more time spent with family. Whatever it is, envisioning it is very powerful and easy with the use of vision boards.

Creating this physical or digital representation of your goals can help you visualize your path forward and achieve your dreams on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Being able to visually reference your goals will assist you as you make decisions every day that will affect your current and future decisions. But first, we need to design your desired outcome.

As you are crafting your perfect life, ask yourself these questions: (and be honest with yourself!!) 
· What do I truly want out of life? What will it look like?
· What do I want my life to look like in one, five, ten years?
· What do I want to own in the physical world?
· What kind of achievements matter to me?
· What do I want my days to look like?

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Why are these questions important? They matter greatly because they guide you on a daily basis! This vision will be your source of energy and your source of motivation! BUT…. it only works with THESE THREE ELEMENTS…

  1. It MUST be your vision! It cannot be anyone else’s vision or idea of success.Never let yourself thinking that your vision is too small or too big. The only thing that matters is that it comes straight from your heart.
  2. It HAS to be SPECIFIC! You must narrow down exactly what you want.What do I mean? I mean it has to be detailed down to the smallest thing, like the pattern on the pillows in your living room!
  3. You must know your NUMBERS – if you want a  house or a boat, you need to know how much money you have to make to afford it – you must be realistic in those numbers.Do your research, check housing prices. Know how much it costs to keep that boat in the marina (I know how much it will cost to keep my dream boat!). Know how much money you want in your bank account and how much you want to make.

Take each element, each photo that you placed on your board (which you can make in Canva, by the way), and see if it brings happiness to you. If it doesn’t, keep looking and changing the elements until everything is in perfect sync.

Now you have a vision board!

And don’t forget the last, very important step after creating your vision board. Take your vision from your board and put it into your heart. Let it guide you – it will make every right step easier, and every wrong step more difficult.

In this video I explain EXACTLY how to do it. You can do it right and you can do it wrong. Successful people use this method to make sure their vision comes true: watch the video.

Do you create vision boards? How do you make sure your vision guides you? Comment below!

If you are still feeling unmotivated, it’s time to dig deeper and find the reason behind your struggles. Schedule a free exploratory call with me today by clicking here!

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