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3 Phrases you use that keep you stuck

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3 phrases that keep you stuck

Why are you stuck and how to get unstuck? Maybe you are using these phrases that have the incredible power of keeping you in place!

That feeling of being stuck can be extremely frustrating. For me, one of the worst feelings is helplessness – knowing that there is nothing I can do in a specific situation. I haven’t had that feeling in me for a very long time. I simply don’t believe you can ever be helpless or have no choice!

There is ALWAYS something you can do. Even in the most extreme situations, you can always do something – if not externally, then internally, to at least manage your suffering. But let’s talk about daily business and the feeling you are stuck in your ways of doing it. Feeling like nothing ever changes, like you can’t raise your fees, find new customers, change the service you provide.

When it comes to doing business, you should never feel helpless and you are never stuck. You see, there is always some sort of opportunity for a change. The first step to change is to see that opportunity. The second one is to take it.

If you are not seeing the opportunity, it’s because you are subconsciously blind to it. Look at 3 phrases you use which make you blind to opportunities and render you feeling stuck. Noticing when you use these phrases is the first step to get out of a rut:

1. I don’t have time

This is just an excuse your brain made you believe so that you don’t feel bad about not taking an opportunity. I used to say it A LOT. Keeping yourself busy, maybe even busier every day is a way of avoiding something new. Our brain will avoid change at any cost, because change means d-a-n-g-e-r. Convincing you that you don’t have time is a brilliant way of stopping you from learning, growing, taking bold steps! If you just keep hustling, put your hands into a 100 different things, you are losing focus, can get overwhelmed and you leave no space for creativity, or change.

How to deal with it: Start by noticing which of your activities actually bring substantial results and cut the others.

2. I don’t know how

Lack of knowledge cannot be an issue in this day and age. We literally have access to all the knowledge that has already been grasped, over the internet, and for free. If you say you don’t know how to do something, you are making a choice not to learn. And that is something to explore! In many cases, fear of success, failure, limiting beliefs or feelings of being not good enough are secretly holding you back. And from experience I can tell you even once you gain the knowledge, there is a big chance those feelings will keep holding you back one way or another.

How to deal with it: Take small bold steps in various areas of your life. Focus on your personal development and heal your beautiful, brave soul.

3. I’m not sure

What a time waster! Consider yourself swimming, but you are not sure where you want to go. You end up swimming in circles, coming back to the place where you started, because it is something you already KNOW. And our brain loves places it already knows, because it feels safe.
If you suddenly decided to go to the other side of the lake, your brain will go into panic mode and start making up reasons why it’s too dangerous. When you say “I’m not sure” you can be sure of one thing – you will most likely not get anywhere new.

How to deal with it: It’s time to take a deep look inside and see what is holding you back, get rid of that emotional luggage, build your courage and excitement and make a decision! Start with journaling about this thing you are not sure about.

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I’d love to help you get total clarity on what you’re looking for and speed up your growth rate 10x by training your mind to focus, be more productive and happier – simply unstoppable! Write me at alex@alextomaszewska.com to see what I can do for you.

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