Are you POSTPONING a PIVOTAL step and

feeling GUILTY about it?

There’s this ONE THING that you need to do to take your business to a completely new level. You know exactly what it is. You just can’t force yourself to do it…

Let me show you how to do it without forcing yourself to do anything! Easy-peasy!

If you need inspiration, don't do it.

Elon Musk

Fun & Freedom Are Ingredients Of Success 

Your business can be making lots of cash, but if it doesn’t give you FREEDOM – it is not 100% successful, is it?

You probably started your business, or side hustle, with the goal to
1. Have fun doing more of what you love
2. Have the freedom to work on your own terms
3. Make an impact.

And you just KNOW you have the potential to get there, but some invisible force is keeping you stuck!

What if you could eliminate that force, cut off that anchor and feel FREE, LIGHTWEIGHT and POWERFUL? That tiger inside you wants to get out into daylight. You have a purpose in this world, and you have been given the courage to chase your dreams which most people don’t have. You are a born changemaker, you just need some guidance.

It’s time for you to step into your incredible inner power!

A Captain's remedy to procrastination. No bulldozers required.

Ah, procrastination, thy be a nasty parasite. Infesting the minds of the innocent and causing guilt, shame and doubt… Your time has come, for I have devised an explosive weapoon like no other!

* Apply the following free guide upon spots of procrastination, with care and love.

Rest in pieces, procrastination!

Sharing some love

I'm a different man!

Alex promised me 3 months ago that I would be a new man by today and she kept her word. In the beginning I didn’t imagine that my life could look the way it looks at the moment. I think that I can do and achieve whatever I want in my life!

Senior IT Specialist

Alex dug down deep into an issue with writing that had been an insurmountable mountain in my mind for years. Once we realized the creation of the issue wasn't the mountain, but something else possibly lost to time, She...instantly...cured...the issue! She gave me the tool I needed...nearly a stick of dynamite.

woman after coaching with Alex Tomaszewska
I increased my prices by 40% after 1 session!

I'm so happy! After one session with Alex I finally got the courage to increase prices for my existing customers... by 40%! !! And NONE of them quit! I can now work less and also afford English classes. Afterwards I also stood up for myself at work for the first time. I feel like a new person. Thank you, Alex​

If you feel like a turbo with a stuck gear

I’ve decided to speak to Alex after, one more time, realizing how much I get in my own way. I know I can achieve so much more than I am actually accomplishing and this is so frustrating. Time and time again I’ve worked with professionals from coaches to psychologists in order to end perfectionism and procrastination butI’ve never felt that their solutions were meant for me. Best case scenario: I was just not able to apply the tools they were proposing to me. Worst case scenario, I felt unheard and misunderstood. That was not the case with Alex. She listens, goes deeper, and understand. At the end of the session, I felt so relieved and this gave me one of the most productive and profitable days ever. I definitely recommend working with Alex if you feel like you’re a turbo with a stuck gear.

Marketing freelancer
Uplifting session and simple, actionable steps

Thank you Alex for a very uplifting session! I signed up for the session to improve on my confidence in speaking in front of a camera or crowd. After speaking to Alex, I found out that the root of my problem was having the fear of others judging. Alex helped me become aware that this fear comes from having judgements myself & gave me very simple actionable steps to work on my judgements. Highly recommend her service to anyone who wants to improve on their confidence 😊

M. after coaching with Alex Tomaszewska
Individual approach and open mind

Alex is one of the most open-minded and people-oriented coaches I've ever known. Individual approach and deep understanding of quite etheric topics were really helpful in finding purpose in my professional life. She encouraged me to learn through action, not only thinking. I highly recommend! ​

Public Speaking Mentor
review coaching with Alex Tomaszewska
Incredibly quick

Alex get's to the crux of the issue incredibly quickly. I definitely recommend her.

Freelance Project Manager
S. after coaching with Alex Tomaszewska
Has the WOW factor

Alex Tomaszewska definately has the WOW factor, she is very open and easy to talk to on all levels. She has a wealth of knowledge and really cares about helping people. The passion she shows is truly incredible, she gives her all and I thank Alex for helping me, a memory I will carry with me always. 😍😍​

A. after coaching with Alex Tomaszewska
Personal approach

Alex Tomaszewska is a woman who is very passionate about her work and does a lot to people. She helped me realize what steps I should take in order to gain more self-confidence as well as find my place in this world. Now I know,that it's time for me 🙂 The most, I liked the personal approach to her clients and if I ever again will need help I would not hesitate to use her advises for sure.​

G after coaching with Alex Tomasewska
I know precisely where to go next!

After talking to Alex I was able to get some confirmation and direction on where I was going and now I'm calmer in that I know more precisely where to head next!​


Become an inspiration 

Entrepreneurs are the changemakers of this world. We have that flame inside which allows us to take bigger risks, be bolder, innovate and inspire. You can feel that force inside you. But you haven’t tapped into your incredible power yet and haven’t become unstoppable.  It’s high time to change that, because people need WOMEN LIKE YOU as their EMPATHETIC LEADERS.

Dreams only come to us when we can achieve them. Can you believe that any dream you have can come true? I get goosebumps even writing about this!

The world doesn’t have enough female role models, so if you have the heart for it and the courage to stand out, there is a lot of space for you. Imagine people coming to you asking how you manage to run a successful business, have time for fun and travel, smile every day and have clients wait for their turn to work with you!
You can not only be successful in your own life, but be an inspiration.

Confidence is the Key 

Knowing what you want or need doesn’t necessarily mean you are going to get it. Your dreams are big and they may be overwhelming, but that shouldn’t stop you from chasing them! It takes a decisive human to take all the steps necessary to make the impact you are capable of.

I can help you transform the way you think, feel and act into an Unchained version of you. One that speaks up, shows up, is consistent, makes a difference with integrity and contagious energy

Would you like to know how it feels to be unapologetically you?

confident woman smililng at the sea

Ahoy!  I'm Alex Tomaszewska

Confidence & success coach, helping passionate female homepreneurs speed up their business growth 10x by turning their inner anchors into focus & confidence.

Most female-led businesses either don’t make enough money or fail, because us girls lack the confidence to sing about our brilliance! Even though we have tremendous potential, we stay in the shadows. I learned it the hard way, being stuck with no results when something inside me wasn’t letting me stand out and succeed.

My biggest passion is helping women step into their inner power, so that they become successful & happy, instead of drowning in frustration, guilt and shame.

Speeding Up x 10 

The first step to speeding up – CLARITY:

When you don’t know EXACTLY what you want, you end up running in circles – and never reach your destination!

Can you remember the compass from Pirates of the Caribbean, which wasn’t pointing north? You need to have a compass like Jack Sparrow, which will always show you where to go.

Second step – CONFIDENCE:

Do you have the confidence to stay on your path no matter what? Or are you worried what others will think? Are you easily diverted by “advice” from friends and experts?

You need to have confidence which flows from within you, is like a rock and keeps you balanced – online business exposes you to lots of criticism, suggestions and shiny objects!

Third step – CONSISTENCY:

Are your good friends – inconsistency and procrastination – stopping you from fulfilling your plans?
When you work from home, focus is a skill that keeps your business up and running.

If you want to feel free, happy & powerful, I have a speedboat for you.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

Albert Einstein

5 Steps to Beat
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