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Have fun in everything you do

Richard Branson

Fun + Freedom + Profits -> SUCCESS 

When you truly enjoy your business, everyone benefits. Simply put – you are happier, more energetic and you are changing the world. Without effort – you spread the good vibes and the ripple effect does the rest. What you give, comes back to you.

Do you run a business, but it doesn’t stand up to what you wanted it to be?

Instead of giving freedom – it takes your time.

Instead of happines – it brings stress and uncertainty.

The first step to break this cycle is to find out what it is, at a deep, soul level, that you truly want to have and to be.

Most women don’t allow themselves to get what they truly want, because they wait for permission to get it, they feel they are not good enough, or they don’t deserve it. They become unhappy, their self-esteem drops and their soul screams for attention, causing emotional or even physical pain.

Is your business as fun and exciting as you’d like it to be?

A Captain's remedy to procrastination. No bulldozers required.

Ah, procrastination, thy be a nasty parasite. Infesting the minds of the innocent and causing guilt, shame and doubt… Your time has come, for I have devised an explosive weapoon like no other!

* Apply the following free guide upon spots of procrastination, with care and love.

Rest in pieces, procrastination!

Sharing some love

I'm a different man!

Alex promised me 3 months ago that I would be a new man by today and she kept her word. In the beginning I didn’t imagine that my life could look the way it looks at the moment. I think that I can do and achieve whatever I want in my life!

Senior IT Specialist
M. after coaching with Alex Tomaszewska
Individual approach and open mind

Alex is one of the most open-minded and people-oriented coaches I've ever known. Individual approach and deep understanding of quite etheric topics were really helpful in finding purpose in my professional life. She encouraged me to learn through action, not only thinking. I highly recommend! ​

Public Speaking Mentor
K. after coaching with Alex Tomasewska
Passionate about her work

Highly recommend Alex for entrepreneurs trying to manage their monkey minds! She's so passionate about her work and it shows through in her knowledge and tools she shares with her clients. Can't wait for my next session!​

Kathryn Anne
woman after coaching with Alex Tomaszewska
I increased my prices by 40% after 1 session!

I'm so happy! After one session with Alex I finally got the courage to increase prices for my existing customers... by 40%! !! And NONE of them quit! I can now work less and also afford English classes. Afterwards I also stood up for myself at work for the first time. I feel like a new person. Thank you, Alex​

review coaching with Alex Tomaszewska
Incredibly quick

Alex get's to the crux of the issue incredibly quickly. I definitely recommend her.

Freelance Project Manager
S. after coaching with Alex Tomaszewska
Has the WOW factor

Alex Tomaszewska definately has the WOW factor, she is very open and easy to talk to on all levels. She has a wealth of knowledge and really cares about helping people. The passion she shows is truly incredible, she gives her all and I thank Alex for helping me, a memory I will carry with me always. 😍😍​

A. after coaching with Alex Tomaszewska
Personal approach

Alex Tomaszewska is a woman who is very passionate about her work and does a lot to people. She helped me realize what steps I should take in order to gain more self-confidence as well as find my place in this world. Now I know,that it's time for me 🙂 The most, I liked the personal approach to her clients and if I ever again will need help I would not hesitate to use her advises for sure.​

maths clown interviewed by Alex Tomaszewska

Alex Tomaszewska is such an inspirational woman. She recognises talent and passion and then helps nurture it with her interviews, facebook lives and posts. She certainly brought out the best out in me when she interviewed me and I look forward to working with her again on future occasions. Thank you Alex​

Maths Clown
G after coaching with Alex Tomasewska
I know precisely where to go next!

After talking to Alex I was able to get some confirmation and direction on where I was going and now I'm calmer in that I know more precisely where to head next!​

M. after coaching with Alex Tomasewska
My eyes have opened

We had spoken with Alex only twice about changing life in general, motivation and career planning and my eyes have already opened to many new possibilities. I think I’m entering a new path and I’m looking forward for more coaching meetings!! See you soon Alex​

Sourcing Manager

Become an inspiration 

Entrepreneurs are the changemakers of this world. We have that flame inside which allows us to take bigger risks, be bolder, innovate and inspire. If you don’t feel good enough or experienced enough to do all that, it’s high time to change that, because people need YOU and your services.

The world (and your city!) doesn’t have enough female role models, so if you have the heart for it and the courage to stand out, there is a lot of space for you. Imagine people coming to you asking how you manage to run a successful business, have time for fun, smile every day and have clients wait for their turn to work with you!
You can not only be successful in your own life, but be an inspiration, so needed these days.


Knowing what you want or need doesn’t necessarily mean you have the courage to get it. Your dreams are big and they may be overwhelming, but that shouldn’t stop you from chasing them! It takes a decisive human being to take all the steps necessary to make the impact you are capable of. I help entrepreneurs by transforming the way they think, feel and act into an Unchained version of themselves. One that speaks up, shows up, is consistent, makes a difference with integrity and contagious energy, and respects her own needs and boundaries. You can live a happy, exciting and balanced life, being an inspiration to others!
confident woman smililng at the sea

Ahoy!  I'm Alex Tomaszewska

Confidence & success coach, helping entrepreneurs working from home turn their business around so that they can have the freedom they want. There are 3 pillars of success: Clarity, Confidence and Consistency, and this is what I help my clients with.
Most female-led businesses either don’t make enough money or fail, because us girls simply lack the confidence to sing about our brilliance and stay in the shadows in misery. I learned it the hard way myself and now have tons of fun helping others come out of their shells, listen to their heart, set boundaries, stop pleasing others and start respecting themselves enough to get properly paid for their brilliance!

Clarity - Confidence - Consistency 

Do you know exactly what you want? I’m not asking about your why or your goal, but a detailed vision of your future. Let’s design it.

Are you confident enough to stay on your path towards this vision with your head up high? 

Are you worried about what others think about you?

Let’s grow unshakeable confidence in you!

Are inconsistency and procrastination stopping you from finishing things and fulfilling your plans? Are you unhappy with the speed of your growth?
Let’s get you focused and resilient to distractions!

If you want to feel free, happy & powerful, you’ve come to the right place.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

Albert Einstein

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