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Meet Alex Tomaszewska

Alex Tomaszewska helps women who feel they lost their mojo reignite their life using a variety of powerful mental tools.

Helping women with a set career path take bold steps

Alex works with women in their 30’s and 40’s who feel their passion for work has decreased. She helps them find their purpose and make life-transforming decisions. They end up doing what makes them happy, having more self-confidence and respect for themselves, they improve their relationships, drastically increase their income, change jobs or start their own businesses. 

Helping female entrepreneurs be focused & confident

Alex empowers female entrepreneurs who want to improve the condition of their business by training their confidence and shifting the way they think about business. She helps them reach internal alignment to turn their business into a much more profitable, fun and less time-consuming way of getting to their desired lifestyle.

Alex’s passion for work

Ever since she found out she wanted to help people transform their lives, it has been her biggest passion and a source of great joy and satisfaction. Her ambition is to make every session with her clients a breakthrough so that they leave each single meeting feeling transformed and powerful.

Sharing some love

Alex Tomaszewska is a woman who is very passionate about her work and does a lot to people. She helped me realize what steps I should take in order to gain more self-confidence as well as find my place in this world. Now I know,that it's time for me  The most, I liked the personal approach to her clients and if I ever again will need help I would not hesitate to use her advises for sure.
Alex is one of the most open-minded and people-oriented coach i've ever know. Individual approach and deep understanding of quite etheric topics were really helpful in finding purpose in my proffesional life. She encouraged me to learn through action, not only thinking. I highly recommend! 
Alex Tomaszewska definately has the WOW factor, she is very open and easy to talk to on all levels. She has a wealth of knowledge and really cares about helping people. The passion she shows is truly incredible, she gives her all and I thank Alex for helping me, a memory I will carry with me always. 😍😍
I'm so happy! After one session with Alex I finally got the courage to increase prices for my existing customers... by 40%! !! And NONE of them quit! I can now work less and also afford English classes. Afterwards I also stood up for myself at work for the first time. I feel like a new person. Thank you, Alex
Highly recommend Alex for entrepreneurs trying to manage their monkey minds! She's so passionate about her work and it shows through in her knowledge and tools she shares with her clients. Can't wait for my next session!
Kathryn Anne
Alex Tomaszewska is such an inspirational woman. She recognises talent and passion and then helps nurture it with her interviews, facebook lives and posts. She certainly brought out the best out in me when she interviewed me and I look forward to working with her again on future occasions. Thank you Alex
After talking to Alex I was able to get some confirmation and direction on where I was going and now I'm calmer in that I know more precisely where to head next!
We had spoken with Alex only twice about changing life in general, motivation and career planning and my eyes have already opened to many new possibilities. I think I’m entering a new path and I’m looking forward for more coaching meetings!! See you soon Alex
Alex get's to the crux of the issue incredibly quickly. I definitely recommend her.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. - Albert Einstein